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2008 Chevrolet Silverado


Chevrolet Silverado

Service Date
Services Performed
  • Additional Replace A/C Belt
  • Additional Time ModifyAlignment For Incorrect Suspension
  • AXLE SHAFT – Remove & Replace – 1500 One Side – [Independent Suspension.]
  • Check Engine Light on Coder P0300 random misfire P0449 EVAP vent solenoid control circuit Air Bag light on codes B0083 front control sensor 1 electronic failure B0084 Front end sensor 2 internal electronic failure Additional time required to diagnose SRS system & Check engine Light
  • EVAPORATIVE CANISTER PURGE SOLENOID – Remove & Replace – All Applicable Models
  • Found faulty cylinder #1 spark plug ,suspect purge control solenoid.Evap code not active at this time
  • Hazardous Waste Disposal Fee (Cal)
  • OIL PRESSURE SENDER OR SWITCH – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8 – [Includes: R&I Intake Manifold.]
  • Perform visual inspection of the vehicle.Remove and Replace Motor Oil and Oil Filter, Lube Chassis where applicable, Check tire pressure and all Fluid Levels
  • POWER STEERING PUMP – Pressure Testing – All Applicable Models
  • Remove Lock Lugs
  • Replace Dip Stick Tube
  • Road test vehicle. Check all suspension and steering parts for wear. Check tire pressure and condition. Check riding height. . Adjust caster, camber, toe-in, and thrust angle as needed. Center steering wheel.
  • Rotate tires front to back or criss cross as required for best tire wear.
  • SPARK PLUGS – Remove & Replace – 1500,V8
  • STEERING GEAR (COMPLETE) – Remove & Replace – 1500 Rack & Pinion Type Gears – [Includes: Manual and Power Rack & Pinion, Worm & Ball Nut and Rack & Piston Assemblies. Adjust Toe-in on Rack & Pinion models. DOES NOT include transfer of components or alignm
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